We are all fragile. Together we can be resilient.

Nerd @ the coffee shop/Stock Exchange
Nerd @ the coffee shop/Stock Exchange

Facebook reminded me this week that anyone can become disabled at anytime, an unsettling truth indeed.

The only way we’re gonna get through this is together. The good news is that since only the rich have the means to pay for what they need, the rest of us will help each other out of the generosity of our hearts and the creativity of our minds—limitless, renewable resources. A comforting, enduring truth!

New Community Vision’s Housing Mixers are gatherings to tap our inherent generosity and creativity as we mix regularly together to consider housing in a broader context that supports what people actually need today.

  • The young man with the broken foot lives alone and has barely a nutrient in his house.
  • Many young single parents, having had no effective parenting themselves, have only a vague sense of what children need to feel secure, to be nourished, intellectually stimulated and to thrive.
  • People who are geeky or socially awkward have gifts that the world needs but, shielded by shyness, their gift—themselves—remains wrapped.
  • Grandparents, as primary care givers for children, are shouldering a big responsibility far longer than they counted on.
  • Some kid living with a grandmother could benefit immeasurably from a relationship with the geeky, shy guy. Regrettably, that relationship may never happen.

New Community Vision’s Housing Mixers provide frequent opportunities to explore a range of housing options that may be more suitable for various life stages. These alternatives include:

  • Buying a building with friends.
  • PH/H – Professional Homes managed by Professional Homemakers. The homemaker decides who lives there, the terms of their residency and ensures the smooth and harmonious functioning of the home. This would be a great job, which is not to say an easy one, for people who are natural at it, grandmothers for example. It also would provide income for people who currently don’t consider themselves employable.
  • N-FIG, Non-Familial, Inter-Generational home sharing. All adults are equal, either all renters or all owners.
  • Dormitory housing – A case can be made for dormitory living. Some people are well over their love affair with “stuff” and would welcome living a simpler lifestyle in a gracious environment with less responsibility. Dormitories would have private bedrooms, common living space and an arrangement for meals.

The principles of sharing a roof with others are:

  • People choose where to live. If it does not suit you, live elsewhere.
  • Everyone pays their fair share and does their fair share i.e., chores.
  • Be pleasant. If you can’t muster that, at least strive for it.
  • MYOB, mind your own business. Thou shalt not judge, meddle, or attempt to “fix” anyone.

2 thoughts on “We are all fragile. Together we can be resilient.

  1. Very interesting post. I think of my recently widowed mother and how quiet the 3-bedroom home is without my dad, how lonely she is–and how interested in the younger generation’s doings. It would be a tremendous boon to have someone trustworthy share her space.

  2. Hi Shawndra. Thanks for your comments. Your mom is exactly the type of person who has SO MUCH to offer! Mixing with others month after month, she’ll get a good idea of who she is drawn to.

    If someone wants to become a resident, a homemaker, or a home sharer, New Community Vision will vet all participants with an interview and a background check. This will provide a level of comfort so that everyone has some assurance about other participants. Where does she live? My goal is to organize these mixers all over the country.

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