Tired of doing dishes?

Sink full of dishes
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I’m a rinse & hold girl myself.

I rinse my dishes and stack them neatly. After the next snack or meal, I rinse and neatly add to the aforementioned neat stack. Mine is a very small kitchen. After a while, when I really have to wash the dishes, I boil a big pot of water and it goes quickly, with hygienically sterile results.

The clutter between the washing would drive many people nuts but, living alone, with a high tolerance for chaos, I only need to please only myself. That self would a million times rather write.

A housemate who couldn’t bear stacked, rinsed dishes would be ideal. I would be delighted to cook for anyone who cleans up. A roommate with a penchant for clear counters, as long as they aren’t snarky about it, would also be lovely. Other ideal housemate qualities would be one who is into yoga. Or music. Or movies. Or gardening. Or cooking. Or dancing. Or bicycling. Or computers.

I spend most of my spare time writing which leaves gaping holes of experience in my life, which no one would describe as well-rounded. For now, I’m okay with that but look forward to living in a harmonious, inter-generational, richly textured environment. I fully expect to find those fabulous housemates through Housing Mixers. You could find yours there as well.

Until then, needing only to please myself, my practice of rinse & hold works for me.


Join us for the 4th Sunday of the Month Housing Mixer at the Lake Street Church of Evanston, July 28th from 12 – 2. Please sign up at this Meetup Link to stay up to date announcements.

Because we will be meeting at lunch time, I will bring my traditional immodest quantity of garlic with tasty traces of black beans, rice, grilled onions and a special sauce. If you would like to bring a lunch for yourself and a new friend, please do.


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