Talented housemate for headless wise man

Headless wise man needs housemate
Wise men need artsy person to doctor them up

My headless wise man needs a housemate with a glue gun to doctor it up. The other one needs his hem re-glued. I love my $5 church rummage sale wise men but they need repair that is beyond my skill set.

As I boxed up my Christmas decorations, I vowed to find an artsy housemate with the interest and talent to tart up the house, who likes food, music, and has a sense of humor.

My ideal housemates will be into yoga, healthful eating, and who dance in the kitchen when the tune compels us. I want to live with people who like to eat and appreciate my cooking.

Wanted: housemates with complimentary talents, who like music and dance in the kitchen.

A Dutch roommate spoiled me by pitching in when we entertained, which was often. I dubbed her the “Ambience Queen” because she arranged centerpieces, set the table, and served coffee and dessert with a European flair. My forte was cooking. Our dinner parties were more successful, fun and, of course, ambient than I could have mustered alone. As a Libra, ambience is essential, not trivial. That was a luxury that no subsequent housemate (or husband) has ever grasped.

After working on this project for many years, my new strategy is to host potlucks at my house (or to help others host them at theirs). Housemates don’t need to be best friends but they must like and respect each other. Casual socializing is the best way to get a sense of people and their social chemistry. Find out more at Home sharing strategy: potluck gatherings. My first potluck this year will be on Sunday, February 5th from 3 to 5. RSVP here. I can only accommodate 7 or 8 people at a time – the perfect size for conversations.

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