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Doomed Corporate Marketing Strategies

Last week’s post about conniving corporations‘ marketing strategies based on deception prompted this response: Fred Cadena – I believe in this little thing called personal responsibility. No, I don’t think we need the overhead of a Federal bureaucracy to protect us from ourselves. The fine print may ‘taketh away,’ but only when we agree to … Continue reading Doomed Corporate Marketing Strategies

Savvy Communities Protect Against Shark Attacks

What’s the common denominator of the following familiar scenarios: Home Depot believes that you missed this fabulous offer on your last hundred visits so the security guard now circles it in pink. Your opinion may be so valuable as to make you  eligible for a drawing and the potential for a $5,000 gift card! Who … Continue reading Savvy Communities Protect Against Shark Attacks

Bottom Feeding or Planting Seeds?

Some of the calls that come in to the office are designed to prey upon gullible, desperate people. Last week’s call: “Hello! We have grant money available for small businesses…” is common. Today it was affordable, pay-as-you-go insurance. I don’t wait to hear the rest. Pity anyone falling for these ploys. In the 1950’s, the rural … Continue reading Bottom Feeding or Planting Seeds?