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The Confused Old Veteran

For many veterans “normal” is forever changed, and profoundly affects their children and family members for generations. Injuries are even more complicated and severe than in past wars. Traumatic brain injury, though not physically visible, is every bit as devastating. This is an overwhelming problem and the Veterans Administration can only do so much, leaving families to take up the slack. If families aren’t up to the challenge, homelessness may be the next stop.

When Brilliance Meets Opportunity – or Doesn’t

Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell’s new book splendidly portrays what can happen when brilliance meets advantage and opportunity. And what doesn’t happen when brilliance runs into the brick wall of family dysfunction. Gladwell’s premise is that those who spectacularly outperform everyone else were not just brilliant, they were also able to take advantage of the opportunities that … Continue reading When Brilliance Meets Opportunity – or Doesn’t