Stressed? Let’s socialize and end racism

Stress / Shaw Air Force Base

Feel stressed? Join the club. It’s a big one. The rug has been pulled out from under many people leaving them wondering how to keep the roof over their heads when, just a few years ago, they thought they were pretty well set.

Then, the Big Squeeze happened.

Being a member of a community in which you feel the warmth of civility and camaraderie would be comforting but many of us don’t have that. By creating opportunities for frequent community socializing, we are nurturing these qualities with the goal of enabling people to find their tribe.

A community must feel comfortable, welcoming, and be on the same page on issues that are important to you. If you feel the chemistry and hear yourself laughing, you’re getting warmer.

Our strategy is partnering with community groups and congregations to host monthly socials. Gathering often is a reliable way to have fun, make friends, have new experiences, and get some balance in your life.

I am establishing an inclusive membership club with the following principles:

Our values reflect the qualities of the communities that we want to live in and, therefore, cultivate. We accept all races, religions, and sexual orientations. We are committed to non-violent conflict resolution and to building communities up from within. Membership is available to anyone who upholds these values.

Racism is THE most pressing issue that we face and it is wreaking havoc on our country. I am taking a public stand to address it with the visible symbol of an armband with #blacklivesmatter/#NAACP/New Community Vision logos.

I believe that many people hate racism, but often there is no way of knowing who they are. The armband, the time-honored symbol of protest, shows the world where you stand.

We will offer memberships as inexpensively as possible with the following benefits:

  • armband
  • early invitations to social events throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area
  • optional online directory
  • the opportunity to purchase business cards with your contact information and community affiliation

We want to offer this service throughout the Chicagoland area. If you want your community to be more social and more inclusive, let’s talk. Please contact me by phone 312-375-1423 or e-mail,

Please complete this survey to indicate your interest and how much you would be willing to pay for membership.

Subscribing to the newsletter, Dispatch from a possible future (1st and 3rd Fridays), ensures that you will know about new developments and upcoming gatherings and that you won’t miss anything.

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