So, You Think Your Grandma Can’t Get a Job, Huh?

Professional Homemaker, aka Grandma

If you’ve had the pleasure and privilege of living in a well managed home, you know that life is sweeter when dinner is on the table at 6:30 and there are leftovers to take for lunch.

We rarely acknowledge the financial, psychological and time-saving benefits of living in a well organized, gracious home. Indeed, under appreciation of homemaking in general was one of the complaints of the women’s movement in the 1970’s: skilled homemaking conveys tangible benefits, is grossly unrecognized and never compensated.

Professional Homes managed by Professional Homemakers elevates homemaking to its rightful place by recognizing and paying for the immeasurable benefit of living in a well ordered home. Many people have the art and science of homemaking down pat. Regrettably, others have no clue and many of those are teenagers raising children.

In a Professional Home, the emphasis is on creating a harmonious environment in which people choose to live together and 1) agree to pay their fair share; 2) do their fair share; 3) respect others’ inviolable right to privacy; 4) be pleasant; and 5) tangibly and intangibly contribute to the well being of the household.

The Professional Homemaker is the fulcrum that makes this system work. She (or he) decides who lives there, the terms of their residency and oversees the smooth and harmonious functioning of the home. The Homemaker doesn’t have to do the chores (although they could) but does ensure that they get done.

This would be a great job, which is not to say an easy one, for people who are natural at it, grandmothers for example. It also would provide income for people who currently don’t consider themselves employable. Since food and lodging would obviously be included, even a modest income could be  meaningful.

Grandmas, and guys who enjoy homemaking, please DO apply.

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2 thoughts on “So, You Think Your Grandma Can’t Get a Job, Huh?

  1. Hi Mary Ellen, I’m just getting this going in the Chicago area and I plan to do this by partnering with cultural and religious organizations and the real estate community. I’m designing this as a model that could be replicated anywhere but I don’t have any contacts in Texas. I’d be happy to talk with anyone by phone or e-mail.

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