Short-Term Temporary Housing – Who Needs It?

Houses in the Sky / Stock Exchange
Houses in the Sky / Stock Exchange

Actually, many people. Particularly now, bridge housing that provides breathing room while formulating a long-term strategy could be a life saver. Having the good fortune to choose from a range of healthy, reasonable, safe and affordable options increases the likelihood of making wise choices, reducing stress, improving health, experiencing a sense of community and avoiding price gouging.

These familiar scenarios illustrate unmet housing needs:

  • Student debt, now topping a trillion dollars, leaves millions of people deeply in debt and often unemployed. They may move back home, move into iffy environments, couch surf or experience homelessness.
  • The New York Times reports: “Social Security, whose average monthly retirement benefit is $1,268, is pretty much all that is left. Most people age 65 and older get two-thirds to all of their income from Social Security.
  • Huge numbers of people are either unemployed or underemployed.
  • Illness and physical issues often necessitate changed housing needs. 
  • Relatives sometimes have the capacity to step up but having more options would be enormously comforting. 
  • A college graduate forfeited a promising internship in Los Angeles when her housing environment became untenable and potentially dangerous.

So, the need for bridge housing is urgent. With this tepid recovery from the 2008 economic collapse, the housing crisis could take a generation to resolve. The good news is that I am working to create a process to identify existing possibilities for home sharing and to create new developments as well. Home Sharing Options – a range of choices describes various types of housing.

My goal is to partner with churches, mosques, temples, and community organizations to facilitate monthly HousingMixers, gatherings at which participants consider a wide range of housing options and meet others doing the same. After attending several gatherings, people will eventually meet others that they like, whose children they enjoy, and whose children like them. We will partner with licensed social service professionals to support participants to make wise choices and to offer training in effective communication.

If your church, mosque, temple, or community organization is interested in offering this service to its members, let’s talk. Please e-mail me at or call me at 312-375-1423. In the meantime, please comment, sign up for Dispatch from a Possible Future, forward this post, and “like” New Community Vision’s Facebook page.

Thanks. With your help, I look forward to creating more and better housing for all of us.

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