Reclaiming democracy from the shambles

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In this time of blatant misogyny and racism, with our democracy in shambles, I’m savoring the delicious irony of women toppling a wave of powerful men by outing their predatory sexual behavior.

When I was coming of age in the 1970s, men had little black books, women had little black dresses, and Playboy shifted our sexual mores.

The Pill had recently been approved, and abortions became legal, liberating millions of women from the constrictions of child-bearing.

When Barack Obama was twice elected president, our democracy lost its mind as a significant number of our countrymen succumbed to a hate-filled racist and misogynist delirium that holds us in a death grip.

Apparently, the racism that Trump unleashed has existed since people were forcibly uprooted from Africa to be enslaved here. Racism was held loosely in check until Barack Obama’s two-term presidency catapulted it into the open. Trump connivingly played the race card, winning the support of millions of disaffected whites, enraged that their superiority was slipping away.

In this fever dream, violence, domestic violence, mass shootings, police brutality, and more gives the feeling that lawlessness isn’t far behind, prompting some to stock up on their guns and ammo. It has a Wild West quality that makes me wonder where are the adults and why aren’t they stepping in to do something.

The thought that immediately follows is the logical fear that they will step in to do something, predictably with far too much zeal and far too little sound judgment. This is especially worrisome now that law enforcement has become shockingly militarized.

It has a Wild West quality that makes me wonder where are the adults and why aren’t they stepping in to do something.

How can it not be unbelievable that we are having an actual national debate about whether a 32-year-old man, who was well known for sexually harassing young girls, and who took a 14-year-old girl to his home alone, can run for the United States Senate? Even more unbelievably, fifty “Christian” pastors signed a letter affirming their support.

Joy-Ann Reid (national MSNBC correspondent) was encouraged by Tuesday’s election results. Finally, the Real Majority Pushes Back Against the Bitter Third: 

“So permit me to be unusually hopeful about the future, because no matter how dark the present often feels, we do stand to inherit a world free from Trumpism, no matter how pervasive and oppressive it can feel day to day. Trumpism is doomed to fail because, in the end, you can’t beat modernity into submission. Nor can you roll back progress for long.”

Witnessing our democracy reduced to shambles gives fresh urgency to the questions of where we go from here and how we get there.

I’m forging ahead with the model that I’ve puzzled over for 9 years—creating the culture I want to live in. Although it doesn’t yet broadly exist, my hunch is that many of us are eager for a friendly community experience.

My strategy is bolstering communities from the ground up. I firmly believe that frequent social gatherings, where people meet others, have fun, and even dance is a good way to create the lively, resilient, and resourceful communities that we hunger for.

While socializing, people talk about what’s important to them. For many, it is housing. We have long advocated that home sharing with people who like each other could be a satisfying, economical lifestyle.

If people are curious about home sharing, we, together with the host organization, will stand by with services and support to help people evaluate their housing options wisely and ensure ongoing support for harmonious living.

I welcome opportunities to talk with community groups and congregations to show that a richer, more vibrant neighborhood experience is well within our reach.

New Community Vision seeks to partner with congregations and community groups to organize frequent occasions to socialize and meet others. Eventually, relationships will form, some may be close, while others may be respectful and functional - which is a blessing in itself.

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