Reception at Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab – Nov 18 4 – 6 pm

Children learn how to remove young trees from buckets / Pixnio

It is hardly news that housing issues – affordability, isolation, and even safety – plague our nation. Whether you are ready to face that reality or not, the world has changed and our housing options have diminished. Our mission is identifying potential housing scenarios and helping people navigate their choices.

This is not a quick fix. Since there is no ready supply of affordable housing, this solution requires relationship building for it to work. Healthy relationships hold the potential for alternative types of housing to work well.

By happy coincidence, relationship building is exactly what the world needs right now so you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start now.

There is plenty of parking AND it is easy to get to by car or the CTA. Unfortunately, it is not ADA accessible.

Here’s a tip, north siders: venturing from the north side is fun and broadens your horizon. It’s good for you.

Refreshments will be served so RSVPs are required so Click here. Limit 50

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  1. Hi Ivy, I found you on FB. I’m under a deadline to publish my newsletter today but will peruse your FB page when I come up for air. Thanks for making contact.

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