Recruiting a project team for exciting initiative

Unity is us!

After gnawing on our housing conundrum for a mere eight years, I have a realistic business plan and assembling a project team is the next order of business. It is a template to facilitate home sharing with people who like each other and it could be replicated anywhere in the country.

This is the back-of-the-cocktail-napkin sketch: partner with congregations and community groups to create frequent opportunities for members to socialize together. Over time, people will get a sense of who they look forward to seeing again. We don’t recommend rushing into it but when people feel ready to consider home sharing, we will support them to make good decisions.

Our role is cultivating relationships with congregations and community groups and providing the infrastructure for the gatherings, i.e., publicity, location, refreshments, signup sheets, and maintaining the database.

Our work supports our partner congregations and communities with a process that enables them to meet their members’ needs.

They know what those needs are likely to be and also know of resources that they can tap.


Our goal is to organize community gatherings once a month. When other communities want to this for their neighborhoods, people could attend several gatherings in one month.

If you are unfamiliar with this concept, or my work, these posts can bring you up to speed and illustrate how home sharing can offer a better lifestyle.

Now that I have the bones of it, I’m recruiting a project team to enable us to go large. I welcome people who have marketing, finance, writing, editing, facilitation, and technical skills.

I am the steward of this project, not the queen.

This is the ground floor of a new model – a big tent idea. I have always known that I am the steward of this project, not the queen. We will borrow from best practices unencumbered by a “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality because it’s never been done before. Working creatively together, we have a good shot at making a substantial dent in the housing prospects of many people. If this stirs your blood, let’s talk.

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