My New Year Predictions & Big Move

Southern charm house
Southern Charm / Stock Exchange

The New Year is a customary time to look back and look forward. This year, I predict New Community Vision’s  successful launch as a go-to source for people looking to live with people they like. We will create opportunities to find them (Housing Mixers), and support them as they navigate setting up a new household.

Like millions of of others, I’m looking to move. I relish the thought of sharing a home with people that I enjoy. These are the features and qualities that I’m looking for, which seem reasonable, achievable, and perhaps Utopian, but not impossible.

  • People, including children, who are interesting, kind and have a sense of humor;
  • People who enjoy music, movies and are not addicted to junk television;
  • Vintage;
  • Pet friendly. A hypo-allergenic, non-shedding dog would be ideal but a shedder isn’t a deal killer.  A cat would be welcome too. I especially enjoy well-mannered dogs. Well-mannered cats on the other hand…
  • Walkable neighborhood with excellent public transportation;
  • Porch;
  • Food that is mostly healthful and mostly vegetarian, but not extreme;
  • People who enjoy having company;
  • People who practice yoga;
  • Washer, dryer and clothesline (indoor and outdoor);
  • People who share household chores. I’m okay with cooking but would happily pass on cleaning up.

The point of this list is to show that living in a joyful, gracious environment is well within reach. Think about what’s important to you and go for it. Our Self-Maintained Profile for Home Sharing, a membership perk, is a tool that helps to think that through.

Aside from moving, my big prediction for the year is that New Community Vision will incorporate and partner with churches, mosques, temples and community organizations to facilitate monthly Housing Mixers that offer opportunities to meet others who are considering their housing options, including home sharing. Each of these links illustrate situations that I believe would be improved in a healthy, harmonious shared living environment.

Stay tuned for developments as New Community Vision broadens your housing vista with healthy, harmonious options.  I would appreciate it if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and if you “like” New Community Vision’s Facebook page. Have you signed up for the newsletter, Dispatch From a Possible Future? The sign up link is in the upper right corner. As always, I welcome your comments.

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