Mountains’ majestic perspective

Some of our group at Cascade Falls

The San Juan Mountains’ breathtaking majesty clarified my thinking.

My 83-year old gal pal who organizes dozens of trips and drives her Prius all over the country – Florida, Sedona, Adirondacks, and more – often with a canoe on the roof, persuaded me to join her group of 12 interesting, kind, delightful women for a week in a sweet spot – Ouray, Colorado.

These women, several in their 70s and 80s, hike, play Scrabble and other games, assemble jigsaw puzzles, read, take turns cooking, eat together and drink red wine in moderation. Tonight we’re playing Charades. No one has thought to turn a television on. The probability of neighbors calling the cops is low.

Cascade Falls, Ouray, Colorado

Fortunately, with everyone doing their own thing, I’ve gotten considerable writing done without neglecting anyone.

Tomorrow, the 12 – 18 inches of snow that put hiking on hold will melt on the trails and we’ll get out to huff and puff together. Then we’ll soak in the hot springs while admiring the mountains.

I’m not accustomed to getting away from it all.

Despite its universal recommendation for head-clearing and mine sure could use it, I have important work to do.

Rather than wanting to get away from it, I want to get into it. After gnawing on this idea for years, I’ve figured out how to deliver on my commitment to facilitate home sharing with people who like each other. This idea must have legs because, without exception, everyone I talk with says: “What a great idea. It’s needed.”

This is the nutshell:

  1. Partner with congregations and community groups to host monthly meetups where people meet others in casual, low-risk settings.
  2. Over time, people will meet others they look forward to seeing again and may form healthy relationships.
  3. As people form healthy relationships, if they wish to consider home sharing, New Community Vision, the partner organizations and the real estate community will work together to support them to make wise choices.
  4. The Self-Maintained Profile for Home Sharing is the starting point for identifying what you are looking for in a home and home mates. Completed profiles will be entered into a database and the result will be searchable useful information.
  5. Support could include a gamut of services including compatibility assessment utilizing the workbook in Annamarie Pluhar’s Sharing Housing – A guidebook to finding and keeping good housemates. We will also offer communication training and monthly communication tune ups.
  6. I am developing and testing this concept in the Chicago metropolitan area as a template that can be used anywhere in the country.
  7. The first step is partnering with a community group or congregation to present this to their members. When we go to a community, we will invite surrounding congregations and community groups to the meetup and join this initiative.

It works! My head-clearing in the San Juan Mountains with delightful women reinforced my commitment and clarified my thinking.

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