HUD’s $12.8 million grant requires sweat equity

HUD - Housing & Urban Development

HUD’s  Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP)  has a grant totaling $12.8 million and has extended the application deadline to July 15th. It calls for applicants to “contribute significant amounts of sweat equity.”  Right now, for many of us, sweat is what we have in abundance.

From HUD’s website:

SHOP awards grant funds to eligible national and regional non-profit organizations and consortia to purchase home sites and develop or improve the infrastructure needed to set the stage for sweat equity and volunteer-based home ownership programs for low-income persons and families. SHOP funds must be used for eligible expenses to develop decent, safe and sanitary non-luxury housing for low-income persons and families who otherwise would not become homeowners. Home buyers must be willing to contribute significant amounts of their own sweat equity toward the construction or rehabilitation of their homes.

Let’s go for this grant! Reading the fine print is not my strong suit but we’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain. If this interests you, please e-mail

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