Home sharing strategy: potluck gatherings

Hosting potlucks - a good strategy for considering home sharing.
A lively potluck in a tiny apartment. / Terry Edlin

My new strategy to facilitate home sharing with people who like each other is hosting potluck gatherings in my home.

Eight of us can sit in my cute but tiny apartment and eat from plates on our laps–maybe 9 with my “new” rocking chair. It’s cozy alright. I live in a 4th floor walkup so guests get an aerobic workout with their social fix.

In this intimate setting, everyone is heard and their input valued. I’ve done this many times, always with satisfying results.

I will do this in my home but I could do it in yours too. When visiting friends, I often visualize how their space would work for a potluck or a party. If this interests you, let’s talk. I would be delighted to help you host a lively event and help clean up afterward. My sense is that some people might like to invite others over but are intimidated by the prospect. If that holds you back, doing this together could open up satisfying social vistas for you.

I would especially like to do this in ADA accessible places. People with disabilities are especially vulnerable with the new, foreboding administration. ADA accessible housing was pitiful before and, unbelievably, it could get  worse. If you know of any places that might work, please call 312-375-1423, e-mail terry@newcommunityvision.coop, or send a Facebook private message.

What does a potluck have to do with home sharing?

The basis for successful home sharing is high functioning relationships with people who respect each other and communicate effectively. A good way to find out who makes your cut is meeting others in social settings and getting an idea of who you look forward to seeing again.

Although the focus of the gathering is meeting new people in a casual setting, I am always happy to talk about home sharing as a potentially satisfying way to live. The Self-Maintained Profile for Home Sharing is the starting point. Completed profiles will be entered into a searchable database and, when populated with data, participants can search for budget, time frame, neighborhood, food, pet, and lifestyle preferences and much more. Eventually, there will be a charge for this but, for now, it is at no cost.

So, meet new people and kick the New Year off with a satisfying, social potluck at my house. The first of many potlucks will be Sunday, February 5th from 3 to 6 p.m.  RSVP here.

In my neighborhood, public transportation is great and parking can be very frustrating.

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