Home sharing path taking shape

Flower needs company / Terry Edlin

My vision to facilitate home sharing with people who like each other is taking shape. I am creating the infrastructure for people to gather and talk about housing.

“Infrastructure,” includes a database with searchable criteria such as neighborhood, budget, time frame, lifestyle, food and pet preferences, and much more. Organizing gatherings where people meet others and get a sense who they share common ground with is an important element.

My goal is to host monthly community gatherings as affordably as possible. As people meet over time, they will make new friends, have fun, and possibly make connections that lead to good housing solutions.

Housing is an issue for anyone, including millennials and single parents, who would like to live in a more sociable environment.

I encourage anyone for whom housing might be an issue, no matter how remote, to complete the profile at this link. This is free to the first 300 participants but even after that threshold is met, it will still be affordable.

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