Helping to Heal the World, One Household at a Time

Shake HandsAs I chew on New Community Vision’s mission to make a dent in our housing crisis, I keep coming back to this bottom line:  Improving people’s living situation will make an enormous impact on their lives and  our communities. Well, duh!

If you look at our problems through a lens not colored by greed, politics and our illogical socioeconomic insanity, an entirely different world opens up that offers communities the opportunity to heal from within. I approach our challenges as 1) What do we need? 2) What kind of cooperative mind set or practice could deliver this?

The basic idea is that anchoring homes with social workers will provide residents with greater security and stability. With state budget slashed at exactly the time that communities need them the most, a cooperative solution is a timely idea to explore. Cooperatively, I’m pretty sure that we could provide some basic services to help people find (or create) safe, secure and affordable housing.

Cooperatives began even before the 1860’s and have proven to be the most durable in the world. Co-ops are member owned, operated and governed entities. Given co-ops’ synergistic nature, they are ideally suited to solve complex problems in an interwoven synergistic way.

I propose that licensed social workers form a worker-owned co-op to provide households with the social services that will help them through difficult times. Given that states budgets are decimated, this is a way for the social service sector to be of service to clients of their choosing and with a manageable case load that is not heart breaking.

We need households functioning at a high level, with social service professionals and healers bolstering each household with coaching, physical and emotional healing techniques to to empower people to weather these enormously challenging times and stay on track with their lives.

Each approved household will be supported by licensed social service professionals. Social workers, working as contractors, will cultivate a manageable case load and facilitate monthly communication tune ups with each of their houses. By choosing the households they want to work with, the work is manageable and satisfying instead of burnout and heartbreak city.

New Community Vision welcomes licensed social service professionals to work with us to create a durable and effective template for this important initiative.

New Community Vision stands behind the homemakers, the residents and the Non-Familial Inter-Generational Households that earn the the NCV stamp of approval. For more information, please contact Terry Edlin at 312.375.1423 or or attend the Housing Mixer on the 4th Sunday of the month (April 28th) at the Lake Street Church of Evanston

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