Strategy for healthier communities and better housing

Healthy community
Logan Square Co-op Open House Sept 2014

After working for many years to make a positive difference in our housing prospects, I have boiled it down to this process.

  1. Creating many opportunities for casual conversations with people you already know and with new people who may have shared interests.
  1. Publishing Dispatch from a possible future on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. Please subscribe, forward it to your friends, and invite them to subscribe as well. Comments are not only welcome, they help to get the word out.
  1. Hosting frequent potlucks. Having a conversation over a shared meal is a good way to get to know others and to discover common interests. I will host potlucks in my home and I would be delighted to partner with you to host one in your home too.
    Except for the hike up four flights of stairs, my apartment is ideal because I can accommodate only 8 people total – the perfect number for conversation where every voice is welcomed and heard.
  1. Meeting for coffee. I suggest having coffee to talk about my passion – housing. Whether that is sharing a home, buying an apartment building with others to start a co-op, buying houses in the same neighborhood, or a wide variety of ideas.
  1. Those who are interested are invited to complete the Self-Maintained Profile for Home Sharing. Profiles will go into a database with useful searchable information.
    This service is free to the first 300 people and, when that threshold is met, there will be a modest charge. This link takes you to the profile but it’s small and not easy to read. I’ll have it with me when we meet for coffee. With enough people, finding compatible others will be easy. The result will be a lively community in which everyone thrives.

This strategy will certainly evolve  but this is a good start. As always, sign up for Dispatch From a Possible Future and like our Facebook page. If this post resonates with you, please comment. We love your comments, as do Google and Facebook.

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