From Reeling to Healing

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We’re reeling from shocks to our sensibilities – Hurricane Sandy, Newtown, the sequester, Boston, West, Texas and floods. With hardly time to get up and dust ourselves off between hits, I am in a lot of wobbly company. When we get up, it is to weep for the environment, our poor and ill people and the imploded economy.

Strong together

Hanging out together, casually and socially, outside of the consumption grid, is an antidote to the despair that any thinking person must feel as our communities, the economy and the environment deteriorate in front of our eyes. Community Mixers and Housing Mixers are a good way to create the familiarity that creates the trust that leads to the connections and the laughter that builds community.

Cooperatively, this is possible AND highly beneficial. New Community Vision is pioneering Mixers community-by-community to do just that.

  • Community Mixers – monthly potlucks with music and just plain fun
  • Housing Mixers – monthly gatherings to consider a range of housing options. Affordable housing that takes less than 30% of a person’s income no longer exists for moderate and low income people. For most people that means  sharing of some sort. If sharing is in your future, and you are among people that you and your children enjoy, it could be a wonderful chapter in your life.  There are a variety of options for sharing – all with varying degrees of privacy, ranging from single family home to shared apartments. At Housing Mixers, you’ll meet others going through the exact same thing.

By getting together frequently outside of the consumption grid, mixers provide the occasions for communities to gather casually and often to meet people, make connections, and learn how co-ops can deliver the goods, services and housing that we need. These gatherings are the fertile compost that fosters a healthy, interdependent community spirit in which we  people matter and also thrive. 

New Community Vision facilitates Housing Mixers on the fourth Sunday of every month from noon to 2 p.m. at the Lake Street Church of Evanston.

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