Civilization 2.0

Charles Barsotti, cartoonist, 2 bums, Good news - the paradigm is shifting
Paradigm Shifting, Charles Barsotti, 1933 – 2014, the New Yorker

Welcome to Civilization 2.0. Like it or not, ready or not, we are in the throes of change.

Since we’re going through this anyway, let’s get it right — more tolerance, acceptance, and nurturance; less prejudice and violence.

Since the fall of 2008 – a mere nine years, if you do the math – I have worked to facilitate home sharing with people who like each other. When people ask me what I do, their eyes light up, and, without exception, really like the prospect.

I now realize the obvious: relationships must precede any consideration of housing.

I expected this to catch on like wildfire. The match must be wet. People are interested, but it’s a slow start, bringing me to the proverbial fork in the road.

I now realize the obvious: relationships must precede any consideration of housing. Talking with a Chicago area home sharing counselor, she said that some people looking for a match don’t care who they live with, they just want a roof over their head. Apparently, they would go to their room and shut the door. You would have to revert to being a teenager. That approach will likely result in a disappointing experience. Who wants to live like that?

I’m excited to realize that my secret life-long dream – making a living out of gathering people together – is the best approach.

Community building is my goal, but I need your help to see if this idea has legs. Please take this survey to indicate if you would be willing to become a member.

I’m tweaking New Community Vision to create frequent opportunities to socialize throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. While socializing, people will meet others that they look forward to seeing again, eventually, relationships will form; some may lead to successful home sharing.

Mission statement:

Focusing on racism and housing, we coach communities to identify and leverage their resources, rekindle their connections and revitalize their neighborhoods.

Statement of Values:

Our values reflect the qualities of the communities that we want to live in and, therefore, cultivate. We accept all races, religions, and sexual orientations. We are committed to non-violent conflict resolution and to building communities up from within. Membership is available to anyone who upholds these values.

Membership Level 1

  • armband with the #blacklivesmatter/#NAACP and New Community Vision logos
  • early invitations to social events
  • optional online directory
  • opportunity to buy business cards showing your contact information and your community. Everyone needs business cards but, typically, unless provided by an employer, most people don’t have them. Order business cards separately from the annual membership fee.
  • $50/year

Membership Level 2

  • all of the above plus access to a database of useful housing information based on data gleaned from the Self-Maintained Profile for Home Sharing.
  • $50 for three months, renews at $20 for three months

Membership Level 3

  • All of the above plus assistance with evaluating housing options and house mates. We will utilize Sharing Housing – a guidebook to finding and keeping good housemates, and the compatibility assessment in the workbook. Participation in monthly communication tune-ups — facilitated Listening Circles — will be required.Listening circles are modeled on the Quaker practice of sitting in a circle, in which each person can speak if they wish or remain silent. Anyone can talk about what is on their mind and in their heart without interruption or commentary from anyone – either during or after. Gathering to hear yourself, and each other prevents misunderstandings from hardening into resentments.
  • $300/year.

Business Memberships

Under development and open for discussion. The distinction of being a New Community Vision enterprise identifies your business as forward thinking and participating in the new paradigm that we are entering – Civilization 2.0.

Subscribing to the newsletter, Dispatch from a possible future (1st and 3rd Fridays), ensures that you will know about new developments and upcoming gatherings and that you won’t miss anything.

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