Housing’s Dirty Word: Affordable

“Affordable” is a dirty word when talking about housing. Why? The phrase “affordable housing” sends people’s minds into a skid. You lose control in a skid. Affordable is for other people, not you. It means Section 8 and that means the neighborhood going to hell. Funny thing though. “Affordable” in the context of housing means not spending … Continue reading Housing’s Dirty Word: Affordable

Polarized Politics / Sleepless Nation

How nervous are you? Our polarized politics, and amnesia about prior debt ceilings, prohibits prohibits sane, reasoned debate about taxes, light bulbs (!#?!#) and everything in between. This has many people staring at their own ceiling (if they still have one) when they should be sleeping. Clearly, neither our government, nor the corporations that actually call the … Continue reading Polarized Politics / Sleepless Nation