On the Table – Let’s Talk About Home Sharing

The annual On the Table event this year is Tuesday, May 10th. Housing is a concern for most people, so let’s talk about home sharing – a sociable, economical solution. Let’s meet at 6 p.m. at the delicious and affordable Hala In Lakeview, 2852 North Clark Street. The restaurant can accommodate up to 24 people. Extra bonus: … Continue reading On the Table – Let’s Talk About Home Sharing

Single Parents’ Dilemma

The young girl fell in love with my dog one Sunday morning. Charlie Barlie, world’s best dog in the world, is a looker, exceptionally sweet and accustomed to being fussed over. Nevertheless, her swoon had a lonely ache to it. Perhaps I projected my own issues, psychically connected with her, or both. An astrological reading … Continue reading Single Parents’ Dilemma

Time and Talent-precious resources

Time is a resource that we don’t quite know what to do with. The imbalance of time is a curiosity. Entire groups of people-retired, unemployed, disabled, underemployed, seasonally employed-have too much of it. Other groups-working class people holding down two jobs to make ends meet, households where business travel schedules collide with child care, households … Continue reading Time and Talent-precious resources