Building a civil foundation

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Well, the new paradigm is closer than we thought. In fact, it’s here.

After muddling over our housing crisis and widespread isolation for 9 years now, I recognize that we need a civil foundation before we can even begin to think about housing.

I have long known that racism is the root of our deeply violent, toxic society so that’s where I’m starting. My method is organizing social gatherings where meeting others in a civil environment lubricates the social gears that are currently rusty and off-kilter.

The first gathering is an outing to see The Projects, a Youth Ensemble production of the American Theater Company. The original production in 2015 offered a searing insight into the experience of living in and growing up in public housing. Here’s the link to the outing that I’m organizing. Saturdays, July 15 or 22 at 8 p.m. work for me, as does Sunday, July 23rd at 2. If this interests you, please contact me, or 312-375-1423.

Then look for New Community Vision’s debut reception that helps us to visualize the abundant future that we can create together.

New Community Vision is an inclusive membership club with the following benefits:

  • Armband: New Community Vision #blacklivesmatter /#NAACP. When I’m out in the world, I want to let people know where I stand on racism. You might want to as well.
  • Receive early notification of events
  • Permanent name tag
  • Online directory listing (optional)
  • Opportunity to buy business cards with your home community and contact information.
  • Price $35/year

Statement of Values

Our values reflect the qualities of the communities that we want to live in and, therefore, cultivate. We accept all races, religions, and sexual orientations. We are committed to non-violent conflict resolution and to building communities up from within. Membership is available to anyone who upholds these values. We strive to be a gossip-free zone.

Dress code

We will host community gatherings once a month that are open to anyone – members and non-members alike. We ask everyone’s compliance with adherence to the following dress code.

  • No shorts that could pass for underwear
  • No handkerchief, tank tops or midriff tops
  • No pants that drop below the buttocks
  • No pajama bottoms

Our monthly social gatherings are a key element of our initiative. We invite communities and congregations to consider partnering together to host gatherings in your neighborhood.

The gathering location has not been determined but if Haymarket Books moves to 800 West Buena, and their community room is available for public use, that would be an ideal.  A meeting space that is available to the public, and isn’t a bar, is ideal.

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