About New Community Vision

We are all on an exciting journeyI launched the New Community Vision website in September 2008 to address our unmet need to live in supportive environments and with more social connection. Our predominant housing model – single family, and single person households – is a lot of work, costly, and not much fun. It can be isolating with health risks akin to obesity or smoking.

Facilitating home sharing with people who like each other.

I have lived in all sorts of shared housing situations. Some were the best times of my life while others were the most challenging. Growing up in my large Irish Catholic family, we learned to put the greater good above our individual desires, an orientation I still hold.

Living successfully with others requires that everyone gives a little bit. What’s the point of “winning” unless the entire household does? Good news: this is a learnable skill.

My service and this website is to provide resources to people who are curious about living in a shared environment or who already hunger for it. My goal has always been to encourage conversations about home sharing, to provide frequent opportunities to meet a wide range of people to explore the idea, and to support people living in a shared environment to have the most satisfaction and the least rancor possible.

Over the years, I have blogged and hosted gatherings at which people meet others to talk about home sharing, and have never lost sight of my vision that people thrive by living in harmonious environments, where they share the gift of themselves, and work together for the common good.

Process & Services

Meet over coffee to see if home sharing might be an interesting option and if it is, complete the Self Maintained Profile for Home Sharing (the Profile). It is designed as a guide to discern the features and qualities that a potential home sharer wants and those one wants to avoid.

Information from the Profile will be input into a database with searchable criteria such as time frame, budget, neighborhood, and preferences for lifestyle, children, pets, food, allergies, and much more.

What I can and cannot offer

I will create frequent opportunities to meet others who may be interested in exploring home sharing as an option. By socializing, people will gain a sense of who might be compatible. I am unable to accommodate short term or emergency housing needs.