Social club membership & housing information database

Dinner Party / Google Images
Dinner Party / Google Images

New Community Vision is proud to announce a breakthrough–two ways to broaden your social life and your landscape of potential housing options.

We offer membership in a social club that is networked throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. The network promises to be lively, resourceful, and neighborhood-oriented. Separately, we will maintain a database of useful information that is useful when looking for housing.

We are honored to showcase these innovations at the November 18th reception from 4 to 6 p.m. at Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab.  There is still time to register and I hope that you can join us. Please RSVP here.

Our mission, facilitating home sharing with people who like each other is based on our strategy of partnering with congregations and community groups to foster neighborliness, community spirit, and a willingness to actively shape our communities to sustainably serve and shelter us.

We are piloting this community building concept in the Chicago Metropolitan Area and envision it as a template that can be used anywhere in the country.

New Community Vision, LLC is here to educate the public about the rich potential of a cooperative approach to enliven a community and galvanize resources.

We cultivate relationships with congregations and community groups, host events,  articulate the vision,  develop and test the template, and drum up support.

Potential Cooperative Real Estate Development Offshoots

  • Reclaim overlooked neighborhoods and communities
  • Boarding houses
  • Single-family home cooperative
  • Repurpose strip malls into vibrant walkable, multi-function communities

If you are cooperative-minded and feel inspired by this vision, let’s talk to explore what skills and capacities we can leverage to achieve a greater whole faster. We want to consider potential partnerships with those who share the vision and can contribute to the success of this professional enterprise.

These are areas of immediate opportunity:

  • Technical / Website / Database (CRM or similar)
  • Finance / Bookkeeping / Accounting
  • Marketing /writing / editing / social media /
  • Social work, especially geriatric and Medicare-related issues
New Community Vision seeks to partner with congregations and community groups to organize frequent occasions to socialize and meet others. Eventually, relationships will form, some may be close, while others may be respectful and functional - which is a blessing in itself.

Subscribing to the newsletter, Dispatch from a possible future (1st and 3rd Fridays), ensures that you will know about new developments and upcoming gatherings and that you won’t miss anything.

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