Housemates Can Protect and Promote Good Health

Bowl of Indulgence / Wikimedia
Bowl of Indulgence / Wikimedia

I polished off the excellent banana bread all by myself. Ditto the rest of the pumpkin pie and the pint of Breyer’s Chocolate ice cream. All in separate sittings, of course.

I would not indulge so recklessly with my health-minded friends who have the trim figures and good health that proves it. I over indulge in private.

This is exactly my point. I promote home sharing for many reasons, healthful habits and food choices among them.

The social benefit of living harmoniously with people you like inoculates you against the inevitable lows that all of us are subject to.

I’ve gotten better at managing the lows but still occasionally succumb to a pint of ice cream and would appreciate a willing accomplice within arm’s reach to lighten (literally) the impact.

I look forward to sharing a home with people who actively take care of their good health. Living in a 4th floor walk-up, walking and taking public transportation everywhere saves my sizable butt.

When I tore my hamstring, I vowed that I would never run for the bus again. That vow didn’t hold the day that I was late for a class and rushed down the stairs while adjusting my absurdly heavy back pack and checking my phone. I stumbled down 3 or 4  stairs, broke my arm, and vowed yet again to never run for the bus. I shouldn’t make promises that I can’t keep. You can’t live in this town and not run for a bus. I do it all the time.

When I move from my little apartment that I love, it will be to share a home with people who live a healthful, but not abstemious, lifestyle. When that happens, I’ll have people to  call to hang out with me if I need to go to the hospital.

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