Advocating for Home Sharing Is Coming Into Focus

After years of advocating for home sharing and talking about it with everyone I meet, the concept is coming into clearer focus.

The tagline: Facilitating home sharing with people who like each other, really gets people’s attention and they often gasp at the sheer reasonableness of the idea.

Terry Edlin / Lucy Elam photo
Terry Edlin / Lucy Elam photo

I would appreciate an invitation to talk with your church, mosque, temple or community organization.

There is much to discuss: how it would work, the possibility, the safeguards, what groups would particularly benefit, and all other aspects of sharing a roof.

The bones of the process:

Partnering with churches, mosques, temples and community organizations and facilitating frequent opportunities for their members to socialize is the method. As people meet others, they will get a sense of who they like, whose children they like and whose children like them.

It is infinitely more comfortable and wise to start with casual friendships. Home sharing will always be a topic for discussion but it is better to leave that topic on a counter in the pantry waiting to be brought out at the appropriate time. Relationships first. Housing later.

When people may be ready to consider home sharing, we will call on licensed social workers to help potential sharers evaluate their housing options wisely and offer training in effective communication.

We will also call on the real estate community to consider renting to home sharers that we have vetted, checked and will vouch for.

Other next steps: If you like this idea–many people do–please talk with me about how you could be involved in activities that are fun and satisfying to you. We could use help with website work, Google Analytics training, writing, design, social media and many other areas.

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