Loneliness antidote: nurturing your tribe

We / Pixabay.com
We / Pixabay.com

Loneliness is becoming widely recognized as a pervasive health threat so finding your tribe and nurturing it is a healthy antidote. We gain strength and courage from our tribe and connecting with them often.

Unfortunately, loneliness is is more common than connection. The Guardian  reports that Chuck McCarthy, an underemployed actor in Los Angeles has a new niche: walking and talking with people for $7 per mile. Surprisingly, even young people, the 18 – 34 range, are lonelier than the over 55 crowd.

It’s embarrassing, of course, but I’m well acquainted with loneliness. It drives my passion for community building and promoting home sharing as a lifestyle choice.

Rather than pay someone to walk and talk with you, participating in a community that cares about each other is the best vaccine to inoculate against the downward spiral of despair.

Finding kindred spirits and nurturing the relationships that become your tribe takes time.  The payoff, however, is well worth the effort and can be soul supporting, life saving even. Rather than yielding to cynicism, mind-numbing (polluting?) media, or substances, surrounding yourself with people who keep you grounded is essential for mental health and stability.

Our goal is making it easier to find that community and to nurture the relationships that will keep you steady.

Our mission: facilitating connections that nurture relationships and communities.

Our plan is to start modestly with an online system where you sign up with your name, e-mail address, neighborhood, and information that you are willing to share. You might include preferences for books, movies, food, hobbies, or anything else. When enough people are on the list, we will organize affordable neighborhood meetups that are easy to get to.

We are intentionally keeping our costs low so that anyone can participate. If you know of suitable, inexpensive locations, ADA accessibility is a definite plus, please indicate that.

Facilitating opportunities to connect with others for camaraderie, moral support, and networking is our strategy and passion.

Getting by with a little help from your friends is a famous Beatles song because it speaks to a universal experience.

Everyone has issues. When you get out of the house and socialize, your perspective broadens and they diminish.

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