Humanity’s Big Test

Louisa Parry,
Louisa Parry,

As this week’s terrorism and refugee crisis show in stark horror, humanitarian and housing needs are pressing crises all over the world.

In a snippet of an interview, a Muslim woman said waging war on an ideology is impossible. And I thought how logical she was.

Since waging war on an ideology won’t work, the only alternative, then, is acceptance, tolerance, and learning to live with each other on our fragile little planet. It is said that what ISIS fears most is unity.

As Albert Einstein observed, “Our significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of mind that created them.”

The big idea then, our compelling task, is ensuring that everyone has a safe place to live with dignity and at least  a modicum of privacy. Human beings are designed to be social and to rub shoulders with others daily as part of normal life.

Our goal is to partner with religious and community groups to create opportunities for people to come out and be together. These casual gatherings are the fertile soil that nurtures friendships to take root, flourish and knit our communities back together.

if this interests your community, let’s talk and get this going sooner rather than late. Please e-mail me at,  or call me at 312.375.1423.

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